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Research & Practice

UChicago Promise grew out of research that highlighted the need to address college access opportunities for Chicago students. The University of Chicago’s commitment in this arena will continue to be informed by research undertaken through the Urban Education Institute and at the University’s School of Social Service Administration.

The Urban Education Institute

The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) is dedicated to creating knowledge to produce reliably excellent schooling for children growing up in urban America.

UEI operates the four campuses of University of Chicago Charter Schools, serving approximately 1,900 students on the South Side of Chicago. UEI also prepares outstanding urban teachers and leaders through the Urban Teacher Education Program; undertakes rigorous research to improve policy and practice, anchored by the Consortium on Chicago School Research; and provides tools, analytics, and training to improve schools nationwide, primarily through UChicago Impact.

UChicago Impact, a unit of UEI, provides empirically-based tools and support services to create reliably excellent schooling. UChicago partners with school systems to gather evidence, supply expert analysis, and build capacity.

UEI Tools


6to16 consists of a college-readiness curriculum, a set of online learning experiences, and a Web-based social network that gives students the beliefs, knowledge, skills, and support to successfully complete high school and college. 6to16 begins in the sixth grade and provides students the support to continue through middle school, high school, and four years of college (16th grade).


5Essentials is an evidence-based system designed to drive improvement in schools nationwide. The 5E system reliably measures changes in a school organization through its survey, predicts school success through analysis, provides professional development to school leadership and teachers, and provides individualized actionable reports to schools, districts, parents, and community partners.

Consortium on Chicago School Research

The Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR) produces groundbreaking research on Chicago Public Schools that informs reform efforts in states and districts across the country.

Over the past two decades, CCSR has developed a local and national reputation for producing high-quality, accessible research that helps drive school improvement nationwide. The CCSR model focuses on building schools’ capacities to address their most pressing issues. CCSR research provides insight into what works, what doesn’t, and why—giving policymakers and educators information to develop their own solutions to the problems they face.

School of Social Service Administration

The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration is the premier training ground for leaders in the field of social work, and it is also a prolific research institution where our faculty and doctoral students gather data to answer some of the most pressing questions in clinical social work, social policy, social welfare administration, and community development. They often work in partnership with agencies and programs in Chicago and around the world, and eagerly pursue opportunities to put their findings to work improving the lives of individuals and communities. Current projects include work with the Urban Education Institute, as well as the Network for College Success.

UChicago Student Opportunity & Aspirations Roadmap to Success

UChicago SOARS is the latest chapter in a series of efforts by the University to make college an accessible future for all students. UChicago SOARS expands the benefits of UChicago Promise to Chicagoland. Via SOARS, the University has begun sending admissions representatives to Chicagoland schools, where they will be discussing essay writing, application tips, financial aid, and other admissions-related topics with students, families, and counselors throughout the school year.

Network for College Success

The Network for College Success (NCS), a partnership between the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration and the Chicago Public Schools, is transforming our high school communities through collaboration, shared learning, and the use of data to support postsecondary success for all students.