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Help for Current UChicago Students


The Chicago Academic Achievement Program (CAAP) offers academic, financial, and social support to 50 students as they begin their time at the University of Chicago. Students selected as CAAP Scholars participate in a residential Summer Academy, giving them a head start through meeting with peers, becoming acquainted with the expectations of University of Chicago classes, and experiencing dormitory life within the city of Chicago. The CAAP program includes:

Current students and past students can give back to the community UChicago Promise serves through various organizations that can be found at the site

Center for College Student Success

The College is committed to your success during your undergraduate years at the University of Chicago and beyond. We can help you think strategically to plan ahead and also troubleshoot the unexpected. Want to learn more? Stop by the Center at Harper Memorial Library West Tower 406.

Volunteer Assistance

University of Chicago students serve as volunteers, partners, and advocates at schools and youth-focused programs around Chicago.

Neighborhood Schools Program

Each year, the Neighborhood Schools Program (NSP) matches 300 University of Chicago undergraduate and graduate students to 50 sites in communities on the South Side of Chicago—including public schools, local government offices and community centers. Together, these students provide more than 30,000 hours of much-needed support in both paid and volunteer capacities. For more information about site partnerships, visit

University Community Service Center

The UCSC cultivates partnerships between CPS and University of Chicago students through 20 community-service-based organizations involving more than 50,000 volunteer hours. The UCSC also helps to foster productive, respectful, and sustainable working relationships with community organizations and leaders.

With more than 70 recognized student organizations dedicated to service at the University of Chicago, UCSC provides financial, organizational, and leadership support via Community Service Recognized Student Organizations (CSRSO). For more information about community partnership opportunities, visit