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Professional Development

Through UChicago Promise and other institutional initiatives, the University of Chicago offers various programs that provide training and support to help high school teachers and counselors ensure their students’ success.

UChicago Promise Programs

Counselor Academy

The University of Chicago has created a High School Counselor Academy that provides professional development, online resources, and an interactive network for guidance counselors who work in schools in the city of Chicago so that they can better help students successfully navigate the college application process.

The Counselor Academy is an annual day-long program that includes rotating sessions on a variety of topics that range from financial aid and merit opportunities to competitive curriculum development for selective admissions, early decision and early action options, and advising specific student populations.

Metcalf Internships

UChicago’s Jeff Metcalf Internship Program, as part of its much larger scope, funds 12 internships for students in the College to support the Admissions Academy. In coordination with professional staff from the Admissions Office, the UChicago Promise Metcalf interns are responsible for assisting with the Admissions Academy and are assigned to select high school guidance counselors to help coach students.

Other University of Chicago Professional Development Programs

Urban Teacher Education Program

The University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program (Chicago UTEP), a unit of the Urban Education Institute, is a two–year master’s degree program that recruits and prepares candidates with strong undergraduate backgrounds and a commitment to educational equity to teach in underserved urban public schools.

The Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education

The Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education (CEMSE) supports high–quality instruction and learning in mathematics and science. By conducting research, creating useful tools and programs, and providing direct support to school leaders and administrators, CEMSE seeks to improve mathematics and science instruction across the nation.

Seminars for Elementary Specialists and Mathematics Educators

The Seminars for Elementary Specialists and Mathematics Educators (SESAME) program offers professional development courses for teachers in the Chicago Public Schools.

Smart Museum of Art

The Smart Museum of Art offers free professional development workshops to Chicago area schools interested in integrating aspects of the Museum into their curriculum during the school year. These workshops are for teachers of all disciplines and grade levels and can be scheduled to coordinate with an in-service day either in your school or at the Smart Museum.