Our Commitment

Our Commitment

UChicago Promise marks a new milestone in the University of Chicago's commitment to help increase access to college for students from the City of Chicago.

All of my classes here have taught me more than just the information presented in the lecture or in the textbook.

—Christine Schmidt, Class of ’17

For more than a century, the University of Chicago has been committed to improving opportunities for students from Chicago, at all levels of their educational careers. UChicago Promise was launched following a 2008 study that found only 28% of Chicago Public Schools students who were academically qualified to attend a selective college enrolled in one. UChicago Promise is a cross-campus initiative that marks a milestone in UChicago’s long-standing commitment to provide a variety of resources to students who are interested in attending the University of Chicago or another selective college. We hope that students and parents will have admissions and financial aid insights to confidently reach high and succesd. We must do better—and we will.

Participate in Promise

To be eligible for UChicago Promise students must:

  1. Reside within the City of Chicago at the time of application and admission. The residency requirement applies to students, not parents.
  2. Attend high school—whether public or private—in Chicago.

The $75 application fee will automatically be waived for any applicant to the College whose home address is within the City of Chicago and who attends high school in Chicago (and for any student who indicates an intent to apply for need-based financial aid).

Contact Us

For more information about UChicago Promise, contact us at promise@uchicago.edu or 773.795.3878.

Para información en Español llame al 773.702.8010