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Tips & Advice

Understanding college majors

Your eventual career title may be very different from what you envisaged in an academic major. Research the different paths that people have taken after completing majors that you’re interested in to understand the full scope of what you can do with a degree.

And, to give you some examples of how a career doesn’t always relate to a major:

Watch out for tricks and scams in college-bound communities.

Do not pay somebody to fill out your FAFSA for you. You can ask for free help at a place like a college’s financial aid office, or you can visit the Illinois Student Assistance Commission’s website for assistance.

Understanding potential resources and amenities

College is a home away from home where students live, eat, sleep, and play. It is also a rich well of resources, many of which are available for you to utilize. When you are visiting colleges, be sure to ask questions like: